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Who am I?

I am Maureen, an American, now living and loving life in Lisbon.

Several years ago, I followed my heart to Portugal. And, in moving to this beautiful land full of tiles and fado, forests and beaches, castles and vineyards, I gained so many amazing things. Sadly, I had to leave others behind (real barbecue, Whole Foods, coffee to go), including a long and beloved career in the hospitality industry.

For more than a decade, I co-owned a small restaurant group that included quick-casual and full-service concepts as well as gourmet markets and catering. In early 2011, I sold the business and followed a lifelong dream to live in Paris. Feeling like I needed to refresh my creative spirit, I studied fiction and creative non-fiction, specifically food and travel writing, as part of the Paris American Academy writer’s program.

Missing tacos, BLTs and the soaking humidity of an East Coast summer, I headed back to Philadelphia and started consulting for lots of different types of companies. But restaurant friends kept calling – was I interested in managing? No. Consulting? Maybe. And so began version 2.0 of my hospitality career.

My life took another turn when I fell in love with João, a Portuguese tech entrepreneur, originally from Alentejo (Évora), then living in the States. Our fate was sealed on our third date, he showed up with morcela, farinheira and alheira and proceeded to cook an unforgettable feast. I had found my man!

Together, we traveled often to Portugal. I fell in love with it – the country, the culture, and of course the cuisine. In 2014 we moved to Portugal full time and it is here that we find ourselves – splitting our time between a house on a hilltop in Lisbon, and a farm nestled in the heart of the vineyards and villages of Alentejo.

I hope to share with you my love of Portugal, of food and wine that is still made by hand the traditional way, and to capture the soulful stories behind the people that work so hard to produce it.

So, what are you waiting for?