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Portuguese food is really having its moment! Far from trendy, this robust & soulful cuisine is deeply rooted in tradition. Join me for a half-day of exploring, cooking & tasting some beloved regional specialties. Our adventure starts at the market where we’ll chat with favorite vendors & gather provisions. Next we’ll wind our way up to one of the most charming parts of Lisbon, don aprons & cook together. Afterwards, we’ll set the table with local ceramics and share food and wine in authentic Portuguese style. The class is fun, food and drink-filled, and a great introduction to Portuguese cuisine. Our menu is always changing depending on the season and your personal requests.


  • Market tour of an iconic Lisbon market
  • Customized, seasonal menu
  • Wines from producers we love
  • Duration: half-day
  • Location: Principe Real, Lisbon


SEASONAL ALENTEJO | 3-day food & wine workshop

Beginning in September 2018, we will be offering 3-day food & wine workshops in Alentejo. We will stay in a beautiful small country house, which we will use as our base to explore the markets, the beaches, the wines, cheeses and charcuterie of the region. From breakfast through dinner, we’ll travel all over
the region, tasting, drinking, eating, cooking, learning and having fun.

We will be announcing dates soon. Please send me an email or add your name to our mailing list.



FARM & VINE | inspired, community dinners

An open-air feast in celebration of local farms. Alentejo is home to winemakers, cheesemakers, farmers, bakers and artisans. Our goal with Farm & Vine is to make a lasting connection between the public and the farmers, makers and producers who grow the incredible produce of the region. We hope to create a marriage of food, place and people. Picture a seemingly endless picnic table, set for dinner with tablecloths, place setting, and fresh flowers. Now put that table in the middle of a beautiful orchard in bloom, or field on a coastal ranch in view of the sea, or a handsome vineyard amid sun-burnished hills. Around the table, farmers and producers sit with diners to share stories about their work while guests from around the corner and across the globe break bread.

We will be announcing dates and locations soon. Please send me an email to add your name to our mailing list.



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food and wine experiences in Lisbon & Alentejo

   PT +351 916 362 338   US +1 215 292 8138

   PT +351 916 362 338   US +1 215 292 8138