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Hello and welcome! Our mission, the thing that brings us the most joy, is to celebrate, support and share the food, wine and traditional artisan crafts & design of Portugal made from the earth, by hand, and with love. 

Join us for an off-the-beaten-track exploration of some of our favorite addresses and itineraries in Lisbon & Alentejo. It’s an unforgettable journey filled with the warmth of the Portuguese people, the untouched charm of the backroads of Portugal, while experiencing the unique terroir and culture of this gorgeous, soulful corner of the world.

We put our hearts into seeking out exceptional, authentic, untouched places to visit in Portugal – wineries, vineyards, ateliers and workshops, private homes, small farms, and grand estates.

Please join us! Here are some of the things we do:

  • Private, full-day wine tours into the heart of wine country | Alentejo
  • Private, full or half-day wine tours into the coastal vineyards | Lisbon
  • Culinary Lisbon food & wine walking tour | Lisbon
  • 3-day food, wine & travel workshop | Alentejo
  • Farm & Vine dinners | Lisbon & Alentejo
  • Customized, truly local itineraries | country-wide
  • Monte do Ceitil farm visits & stays | Alentejo

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